Gainer Hypnosis Gif

As some of you may have noticed the gainer training gif I posted for you all the stare at mindlessly was removed most likely because of a permission issues. I want to make a new gainer subliminal gif but in order to do that I’m going to need photos that will not have any ownership complaints. Submit photos or links to photos you think would be good to include in the gif and I’ll give you a credit in the original post for finding the photo.

Thanks ahead of time boys, I know you’ll make me proud. 

Anonymous asked:

You used to have a post of a subliminal flasher for making guys wanna gain. What happened to it?

It was removed by tumblr, I’m assuming someone in one of the photos I used complained about lack of permission. I wish they would’ve messaged me so I could know which photo not to use but oh well.




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