Anonymous asked: Do you know where someone could go to help them become a total slut, I have slutty desires, but is like to be hypnotized to lose all inhibitions to chase cock and cum regardless of whether I thought the person was hot. I went to a hypnotist once, I don't think I'm susceptible.

I’ve never failed at hypnotizing someone however if you want to really lose all inhibitions it would require long term repetitive training. There aren’t too many places you could go, there’s one hypnosis related social network called “iHypno” at the website isn’t the best design and the community isn’t very large, but you may have luck finding someone to train you.

meekmask asked: Nah, definitely more fat guys. There's not much great content with them- it's all hypnojocks. Not that there's anything wrong with jocks, but who doesn't love a handsome chubster with some hypnosis added in...

That’s definitely in the pipeline it’s hard because there’s much fewer high quality photos that include large guys compared to jocks/twinks/muscle.  

johnthomas007 asked: MORE FAT GUYS! MORE FAT GUYS!

Are you sure? From what I hear, Fat guys are just not happening. Were they mistaken?

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chaserlad asked: I personally love all of the content on your blog, big and small. I really want to serve a big master. It turns me on so much the thought of it.

Good boy

Going under

How many of my followers would wanna learn how take someone under trance?

I love how I have posts of guys being drugged and suffocated but fat guys well they’re just over the line obviously!

Anonymous asked: Stop Trying to Make Fat Guys Happen... Its NOT Going to Happen.... Please, enough already. Go back to the Masculine Jocks and Hypno stuff :/

Appreciate the feedback and I’ll certainly consider it. Aside from you I haven’t heard any complaints. I’ll try to keep a good blend but this blog is about hypnosis and all that it can achieve. That includes jocks as well as fat guys and everything in between.


He wanted to train, and nothing else.
But the other guys in the gym had other plans with him.


He wanted to train, and nothing else.

But the other guys in the gym had other plans with him.


Sleepy boy